Dive in the Desert with Arizona’s Premier Scuba Diving Company!!!

Private & Personalized SCUBA Diving instruction catered to all divers… Novice, Beginner, Experienced, or Expert training is available

Individualized, One-On-One training from a professional instructor with your safety & best interest in mind!

Our core focus:  To create competent, self-reliant scuba divers and train good divers to become GREAT divers! 

…Ask about our exclusive Pay-As-You-Play option!!

 Let’s Go Diving!!

Welcome To The Addiction!

 Dive in the Desert with Arizona’s Premier Scuba Diving Company!

– Private & Personalized SCUBA diving instruction catered to all divers… Novice, Beginner, Experienced, or Expert training is available

– Individualized, One-On-One training from a professional instructor with your safety & best interest in mind!

– Our core focus:  To create competent, self-reliant scuba divers and train good divers to become GREAT divers! 

…Ask about our exclusive Pay-As-You-Play option!!

 ~ Let’s Go Diving!!

Safety is always our top priority and we strive to give every diver a harmless, enjoyable & memorable SCUBA experience from start to finish.


Carry the world’s most recognized SCUBA certification

Discover Scuba

Unsure about if SCUBA Diving is right for you?

Curious to see if you have what it takes to become a certified diver but not completely comfortable with the idea of breathing underwater?  Our Discover Scuba class is the perfect way to come test the waters without committing to a full certification.  Let our experienced instructors guide you through the water while you enjoy the experience in a safe, controlled environment.


Looking to start your dive training?

You get One-On-One instruction from your very own instructor!  Learn to dive safer & learn more than any other standard class.  From start to finish, Professional Diving Addicts provides you with private instruction with individualized training formatted to best suit each specific diver’s comfort level & learning style.  Plus, learn about our exclusive Pay-As-You-Play options!

Refresher Courses

Has it been one year or more since your last dive?

SCUBA diving is not just a sport but also a skill so when skills aren’t used on a regular basis, simple tasks get forgotten or steps get skipped, leaving increased risk for disaster.  Showcase your experience & be a role model for less experienced divers!  Give yourself peace of mind and Re-Activate your Open Water Certification by reviewing your skills with Professional Diving Addicts Instructors.

Advanced Certifications

Are you Looking to continue your SCUBA training?

Expand your possibilities & sharpen your SCUBA diving skills & by enrolling in our additional certifications.  Regardless of your previous certifying agency, we offer advanced certifications including:

  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Enriched Air (NITROX)
  • Rescue Diver
  • Underwater Navigation
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Night Diving
  • Search & Recovery
  • Altitude Diving 
  • Deep Diving  

…. just to name a few!


Q:   I already travel a lot so why would I want to scuba dive too?

A:   If our planet is 71% water, why sell yourself short by only staying on dry land??

Scuba diving can awaken a sense of adventure you never knew you had!  Feel total weightlessness as if you were flying.  See the vast spectrum of nature’s underwater colors.  Reach new depths and interact with plants & animals you have only seen on TV.

Explore life-changing seascapes, shipwrecks, even underwater caves or learn how to become a real-life treasure hunter!  Challenge yourself to become a leader and take charge of guiding others in their underwater adventures, even train to be an instructor!

 Q:  I’m worried I’ll never use your certification after I get it?  

A:   DON’T BE!!

There’s much more diving opportunities than you would believe!  From lakes & rivers to rock quarries and caves, there are countless diving opportunities available away from the ocean.  Often times in places you’d never expect…  Disney World, for example, has a BEAUTIFUL aquarium where as a certified diver, you can dive INSIDE the aquarium!  Friends & family can watch in wonder as you become a part of the attraction and dive with vast quantities of species of saltwater life.  It’s fantastic!!

Regardless of the direction, Professional Diving Addicts will show you how to achieve your underwater goals & guide you along your desired path while safely creating the confidence to turn your experiences into your life’s best memories!

Q:  How deep can I dive?  

A:   130ft is the absolute maximum depth a recreational diver, but not without additional training!

All Open Water Certifications allow adult divers to dive as deep as 60ft so if you’re wanting to break triple digits on your depth gauge (max depths 130ft), additional training  through the Deep Diver course will safely teach you how!  Ask our team for details!

Q:  What if I’m not a very strong swimmer?  

A:   That’s ok, you’re not alone!

Granted, there is a small aspect of swimming involved with scuba diving but to be honest, it’s not as much as you would think!  With the use of the buoyancy control device (BCD), most of the hard work is done for you!  Literally, with the push of a button, you add or remove air on the BCD so you can float effortlessly in the water.  Just like you’re flying!  During your Open Water Certification training, you’ll gain plenty of equipment knowledge and TONS of practice using the BCD in the water as well as your fins & different kicking styles to help make scuba diving an enjoyable experience!

Q:  Aren’t you afraid of sharks?  What if you see one while scuba diving??

A:   Great question!

There’s several reasons why seeing sharks in the water are a GOOD thing!

First, sharks are a critical & necessary component to a healthy, thriving reef…  Scientific research has proven sharks to be crucial in the natural balance and required for a successful ecosystem.  Second, while it’s totally normal to have a respectable fear of sharks, Hollywood has COMPLETELY blown their aggression towards humans (especially scuba divers) way out of proportion.  In most cases, a bite from a shark is simply a case of mistaken identity and usually an isolated incident, usually towards swimmer or surfers at the surface.  As scuba divers, we have 3 factors towards our benefit:

1)  We are NOT easy pray:  Traditionally, sharks want to be “lazy hunters” and don’t want to engage in a meal that might fight back

2)  We smell bad:  Yes, sharks can smell underwater and they’re normally not looking for a meal that smells/tastes like rubber or wetsuits.  Plus, some studies have even shown sharks prefer animal blood over human blood and can consistently determine the difference

3)  We are loud:  As traditional scuba divers, we breath on “open circuit” scuba equipment, meaning the air we exhale is blown out of the regulator and the bubble float away, which makes noise.  Lot’s of it!  Most sharks aren’t too fond of loud noises and while they may get curious enough to visually investigate, most sharks turn around & swim away without us even knowing they were there.

With all that being said, there’s always an adherent risk to most things in life and diving is no exception.  Just know statistically speaking, you’re more likely to be seriously hurt by cows or household furniture than scuba diving with sharks.

Kids Can Dive Too!!

That’s right – Kids ages 10+ can earn their Junior Open Water Certifications too!

Junior Divers are becoming more popular so don’t leave the kiddos behind…  Take the whole family diving & share the same Life-Changing experiences together!

Scuba Date Night

(Because anyone can buy flowers…)

Ditch the traditional Movie Night… Expand your possibilities & Explore a whole New way to connect with your special someone!  Sign up today for your very own Scuba Date Night!  

The Right Choice

Private Training over Group Classes

One-on-One training provides better quality training, solidifies safer diving habits, tailored training timetable, and additional diving techniques not commonly offered in traditional group settings.

We Have The Best Customers

Intentionally being Reliable, Respectful, and Genuine is the only way to effectively run a business and our customers love diving with us!  We have earned their trust as well as their business and their stores prove it.  

The Pool - There's nothing like it!

We offer a resort-style pool for training specifically built for diving – 7ft deep, saltwater pool with a flat bottom deep end made perfect for private scuba classes. Plus, our lake for diving is less than 20min away.


We are the only dive shop to offer payments to be broken into 3 phases for Open Water Certifications. Pay-As-You-Play allows students to only pay for the upcoming Phase of their training instead of paying for the whole course upfront, completely interest-free.


Your Training - Your Schedule

Training timetables are tailored to the individual student’s skills & abilities. Group settings require the group’s pace to be set by the slowest student, thus hindering the normal student from completion.

We Care

Our lake, rivers, and oceans are critical to our way of life… now more than ever.  It’s up to us to actively do our part.  We support a variety of events including trash pick-up at Lake Pleasant before & after the busy season.

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Professional Diving Addicts offers private personalized training designed to certify you as an Open Water Scuba Diver...and BEYOND!