Why Choose Us?

Private Training over Group Classes

     Unlike traditional dive shops that pack students into overcrowded classes, hindering the learning process, we offer personalized one-on-one training.  Our private instruction ensures a more complete training experience while accommodating your schedule.  Whether it’s weekdays or weekends, we’ve got you covered!  Plus, we go above & beyond by teaching next-level skills that benefit all divers and gives you a noticeable difference compared to other new divers.   After all, why wouldn’t you want to have the advantage in a new sport?  Ask us for more details!

The Pool - There's nothing like it!

     No, seriously…  there’s no other scuba pool like ours!  We custom built a resort-style, saltwater pool specifically for scuba training.  7ft deep with a flat bottom deep end made perfect for private training and our location is perfect!  We’re conveniently located at the cross streets of Lake Pleasant PKWY & Happy Valley in Peoria, only 20min from Lake Pleasant.  Come see for yourself & dive right in!


Your Training - Your Schedule

     We understand that time is precious and should be maximized to suit your unique lifestyle.  That’s why we go above & beyond to provide superior diving experiences while offering unparalleled flexibility in our training schedule.  Unlike other group settings where the slowest student sets the pace, hindering your progress, our training is tailored to your individual needs, skills, and abilities.  We believe that life shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing your diving dreams, which is why we offer a training calendar that can be adjusted to accommodate any unexpected obstacles.  Let us show you the professional difference and embark on a personalized private diving instruction that perfectly complements your lifestyle.

Advanced Certifications

We Have The Best Customers

     Our commitment to excellence is matched only by our passion for providing personalized private diving instruction.  With our unparalleled training record and glowing customer testimonials, we have built strong and lasting relationships with our valued customers.  From the very beginning, we have understood the importance of professionalism and understanding in every interaction.  Simply put, we want you to keep diving with us, and we want to enhance your diving experience!  Dive into adventure with Professional Diving Addicts and discover a world beneath the waves like never before.


     Our Pay-As-You-Play allows each student the option to pay the each of the 3 phases of Open Water training as they in advance, interest-free, instead of one lump sum.  Meaning, once payment is received for Phase 1, access to the eLearning platform will be granted and training can begin.  Once Phase 1 is complete & ready to begin Phase 2, training can be scheduled based on availability as soon as payment is received and same goes for Phase 3.  We are the only dive shop to interest-free offer payments to be broken into 3 phases for Open Water Certifications.

We Care

     Unfortunately, this pic is a sad but accurate depiction of our water life’s current conditions and its happening in fresh waters as well as the ocean.  Our lake, rivers, and oceans are critical to our way of life… now more than ever.  Trash & debris can build up over time but because it’s under the surface, most people don’t notice.   As divers, it is our responsibility to do our part by protecting our underwater playground by educating & practicing conservation and we support a variety of events including trash pick-up events at Lake Pleasant before & after the busy season.  In an effort to maintain a clean, healthy environment for our fishy-friends and scuba students, we often police the areas we visit collecting garbage both above and below the surface.  We have to do our part… Come out & help out!


Ready to get started?


Professional Diving Addicts offers private personalized training designed to certify you as an Open Water Scuba Diver...and BEYOND!