SCUBA Cylinder Inspection:

Visual Inspection – $22     |     Hydro Testing – $63


Catastrophic failure of SCUBA cylinders

Catastrophic failure of SCUBA cylinders

Aluminum Oxide = Rust

Even cylinders as new as 6 months old

 can have signs of Aluminum Oxide build up if poorly maintained

Is your cylinder safe to dive? 

 Local and Department of Transportation law requires all SCUBA cylinders to be hydrostatically tested every 5 years, regardless of use. While there are no laws stating SCUBA cylinders are to be visually inspected annually, it is considered to be industry standard and most facilities will not fill cylinders outside the yearly inspection timeframe.

      Remember:  Your equipment is your life support…  
Treat it like your life depends on it!!


Hydrostatic Testing / Visual Inspection:

Hydrostatic testing (Hydro for short) involves the process of subjecting a material to a controlled pressure and observing how it reacts, testing the structural integrity of the cylinder.  Cylinders that meet the specified qualifications are “passed” and receive a stamp on the outer sidewall of the cylinder indicating the cylinder is ready for recreational SCUBA use.

Cylinders that do not pass inspection are returned to the owner after being condemned (usually by drilling a small hole through the cylinder wall so it can no longer hold pressure).

Visual Inspection Protection (or VIP) is exactly as it sounds.  The cylinder pressure is released in a controlled manner until completely empty and the cylinder & valve are inspected and cleaned accordingly.  It’s an important standard to follow for 3 major reasons:

  • Insures the air within the cylinder isn’t contaminated by foreign materials (rust, mold, oil, etc)
  • Helps keep you, the diver, heathier by not breathing contaminated air
  • Failure to clean & remove foreign materials could directly influence the life expectancy of the cylinder, causing the cylinder to prematurely fail hydro testing or compromise the strength of the cylinder walls


Would you want to be breathing rust dust like this??

Professional Diving Addicts will make sure your cylinders are properly inspected, cleaned, and ready for your diving adventures.  Nitrox cleaning available!

All recreational cylinders must be inspected EVERY YEAR – Regardless of use!

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Visual Inspection – VIP:  $22

– Full inspection of cylinder and valve

– Includes VIP sticker & O-ring

– Cleaning and Valve rebuild as needed (additional costs)
     *PLUS!  We will TEXT or EMAIL you pics from inside your cylinder!

Hydro Inspection:  $63

Turnaround time average: 1 week or less!

– No minimum cylinder required!

– Cleaning and Valve rebuild as needed (additional costs)

– Includes VIP sticker & O-ring

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