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Tom is by far the best instructor.  He made the entire training process stress free and very comfortable.  He ensured I felt completely confident in the material and knowledge of my equipment before moving on and teaching new lessons.  The whole time while under water Tom was right there making sure all my equipment was functioning properly.  I highly recommend anyone wanting to get into diving to learn from Tom.  I am 100% going to advance my diving career and will only learn from him.


Mat B.

I signed up with Tom and he was great. Extremely patient and always puts safety first. I had the pleasure of joining him on a dive at Blue Grotto & what an amazing experience!!  Best instructor in the valley to learn from.


Michael C.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to have Tom as our dive instructor when we got certified. The class we were in was made up of a wide range of ages including a pre teen. Tom went above and beyond to accommodate everyone in our class and exhibited extreme patience, especially when it came to the different learning styles of everyone in the class. He is extremely knowledgeable on the art of diving and his love for the sport shows in the way he teaches. 

During our checkout dives, I struggled with removing my mask and putting it back on due to the cold January water temperature. Instead of giving up on me, Tom took extra time on the second day of checkout dives and gave me another shot. Since then, I have been lucky enough to dive in a lot of different places and I was even offered a job as a dive guide while diving in Hawaii. Thank you Tom for your impeccable teaching, patience, and dedication to your students.


Julissa & Jeremy D.

Best instructor!  Knowledgeable, patient, experienced, made it a fun learning experience!  Thanks!


Debra O.

Amazing service, super friendly and lots of training options. I took private lessons with Tom Gruelle and could not have been happier. Knowledgeable, patient mixed with a good sense of fun and humor. As good as they come. This should be your go-to place for anything diving related. 


Mike D.

My daughter and I took our open water certification course from Tom Gruelle several years ago, and he has been my instructor and friend ever since.  As an instructor Tom goes above and beyond to make sure his students are prepared, confident, and safe.  He also makes learning to dive a whole lot of fun.  I highly recommend Tom and look forward to diving with him and learning from him for many years to come.  There is no one that I trust more.


Jeff E.

My family went on March 2nd and had Tom G. as an instructor he was GREAT. He made sure everyone knew the safety procedures and had fun while diving. This is a great place to learn or just go scuba diving the staff is nice and every friendly.


Josie C.

Big shout out to my instructor Tom Gruelle; he definitely made the certification worthwhile!


Phil W.


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